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November 15, 2017 - Buffalo Part I

Honorable Michael J. Kaplan
Buffalo Part I Calendar for November 15, 2017

10:00 AM

  14-12808   Bilal K. Yousafzai RE: Doc #93; Motion for Relief From Stay  
  15-11503   1110 Military Road LLC RE: Doc #103; Motion to Convert Case from Ch 11 to Ch 7, Motion to Dismiss Case (Other)  
  16-10602   Dwayne Anthony Hale and Debborah Jeane Hale RE: Doc #47; Motion for Relief From Stay  

10:30 AM

  14-12790   Tanning Bed, Inc.  
    16-1096   Tanning Bed, Inc. v. 160 Robinson Street, LLC Status Hearing
    16-1100   Tanning Bed, Inc. v. Binghamton Giant Market, Inc. Status Hearing

02:00 PM

  17-11896   Vera Bink Show Cause Hearing