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January 8, 2018

United States Bankruptcy Court
Honorable Paul R. Warren
Confirmation Hearings
January 8, 2018

02:00 PM

Bailey, Charles Confirmation Hearing

Motion to Dismiss Case for Failure to Make Plan Payments
(A3, Adj from 11/13/2017)  

DB Atty: Mike Krueger
17-20147(13) A4
Adj from 11/13/2017
Bemus, Jeffrey and Angela Confirmation Hearing
DB Atty: Mike Krueger
16-21315(13) A7
Adj from 12/18/2017
Sturdy, Melissa and Courtney Confirmation Hearing
DB Atty: Kenneth Gordon
17-20936(13) A3
Adj from 12/18/2017


McMillan, Carlett Confirmation Hearing
DB Atty: Justin Alexander
17-20882(13) A2
Adj from 11/27/2017

03:00 PM

Troutt, Scott and Jill Confirmation Hearing
DB Atty: Charles Andersen
17-20466(13) A2
Adj from 12/18/2017

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