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Pro Hac Vice

Admission to Practice Pro Hac Vice
(follow the steps below in order)



Register for an e‐filing account.  When asked for your Bar ID, enter: PHV

There is No Fee.  Click here to register

2. Send an email to:
  a) the email should state that you intend to be admitted to practice pro hac vice; and

b) the email should contain the case number, if there is one.


The Court will then send an email to the attorney which contains their e‐filing credentials.


After receiving your e‐filing credentials, e‐file an Ex Parte Motion and Proposed Order to Appear Pro Hac Vice.  ***WDNY does not have a local form template for the motion and order.

5. After e‐filing the motion & order, mail a Chambers Copy to the appropriate office of the Court.


Admittance and Efiling Guidelines (pdf)