General And Standing Orders


  • 08/27/2013: Hearing Location for Matters in Chapter 11 Cases in the Rochester Division


  • 11/06/2012: Adoption of Amendment to Interim Bankruptcy Rule 1007-1
  • 02/29/2012: Standing Order of Reference Re: Title 11


  • 12/18/2009: Clarifying the service and filing requirements for motions heard in the Rochester Division of the Court
  • 11/20/2009:  Revised Common Default Statement and Exhibit "A" Guide to Default Procedures for Motions heard in Rochester and Watkins Glen
  • 11/18/2009:  Adoption of Changes to Local Rules to conform with Time Computation Amendments to the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure



  • 11/01/2007: Implementation of Increase to Transcript Fee Rates and New Transcript Delivery Category
  • 02/02/2007: Regarding Procedural Form B240,  Reaffirmation Agreement


  • 09/26/2006: Regarding Adoption of Interim Bankruptcy Rule 1007 and Revisions to Official Forms
  • 04/14/2006: Refund of Filing Fees


  • 10/21/2005: Noticing To Creditors in Chapter 13 Cases
  • 10/17/2005: Regarding Debtors Asserting an Exception to the Limitation of the Automatic Stay Under 11 U.S.C. §362(l) and Procedure for Receiving Rent Deposits
  • 10/12/2005: Regarding the Establishment of the National Creditor Registration Service and the Filing of a Notice of Preferred Address
  • 10/12/2005: Regarding Adequate Protection in Chapter 13 Cases


  • 06/01/2004: Expansion of Procedures in Rochester and Watkins Glen to Include Motions by Trustee to Dismiss a Case for Non-Appearance


  • 01/04/2002: Regarding the Responsibilities of Attorneys and Parties in the Event of Unexpected Court Closing or Delay in Court Proceedings


  • 11/26/2001: Regarding Revised Common Default Statement
  • 04/09/2001: Production of Documents at the 341 Meeting of Creditors


  • 07/28/1999: Regarding cameras and recording devices
  • 06/29/1999: Revision No.1 to Expanded Default Procedures in Rochester and Watkins Glen to Include Motions Indexed in Exhibit A
  • 06/09/1999: Regarding Amendments to Petitions
  • 03/16/1999: Section 362 (d) Motions that Improperly Require that Opposition be in Writing


  • 06/01/1998: Expanded Default Procedures in Rochester and Watkins Glen
  • 01/30/1998: Authorizing Use of a Signature Stamp (on Order to Employer to Pay Trustee and Order to Debtor to Pay Trustee and any amendments thereto)


STANDING ORDERS entered from 1983 - 1997 are incorporated in & superseded by the Court's Local Rules of Bankruptcy dated 1995. See the Conversion Table for a listing of Standing Orders and corresponding Local Rule(s).