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How to become an E-filer

Due to our upgrade to the Next Generation of CM/ECF, registering to be an e-filer will be unavailable beginning June 12 through June 24.  Please plan accordingly.


Please allow 7 - 10 days for processing.

Requirements for a Limited Access Electronic Filing Account:

  1. Online Training modules and the Training Waiver form are NOT required.
  2. You must be an Attorney, Creditor or a Creditor's Authorized Agent. 
  3. Debtors and individual creditors attempting to file on their own behalf MUST file in paper.  A Limited Access login will NOT be issued to unrepresented individuals.
  4. Limited Access e-filing is limited to documents such as: Proofs of Claim, Reaffirmation Agreements, Creditor Request for Notices. 
  5. Electronic notifications (aka NEF) are not available.
  6. Register online by clicking here


Below are training modules for your convenience:


Anyone wishing to receive in-person training is encouraged to make arrangements with the Clerk's Office to do so. In addition, you may request a login and password for our CM/ECF Training database where you can practice E-filing. In Buffalo, call 716-362-3200; in Rochester, call 585-613-4200. 

For Attorney Full Access to E-filing, click here.

For Personal Financial Management Course Providers, click here.