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General And Standing Orders


  • 11/17/2015:  Amendments to Official Bankruptcy Forms and Director's Procedural Forms Effective December 1, 2015           


  • 08/27/2013: Hearing Location for Matters in Chapter 11 Cases in the Rochester Division


  • 11/06/2012: Adoption of Amendment to Interim Bankruptcy Rule 1007-1
  • 03/08/2012: General Order of the United States District Court - WDNY regarding Courthouse Security and Limitations on the Possession and Use of Personal Electronic Devices within United States Courthouses and United States Court Facilities in the Western District of New York.
  • 02/29/2012: Standing Order of Reference Re: Title 11


  • 12/18/2009: Clarifying the service and filing requirements for motions heard in the Rochester Division of the Court
  • 11/20/2009:  Revised Common Default Statement and Exhibit "A" Guide to Default Procedures for Motions heard in Rochester and Watkins Glen
  • 11/18/2009:  Adoption of Changes to Local Rules to conform with Time Computation Amendments to the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure



  • 11/01/2007: Implementation of Increase to Transcript Fee Rates and New Transcript Delivery Category
  • 02/02/2007: Regarding Procedural Form B240,  Reaffirmation Agreement


  • 09/26/2006: Regarding Adoption of Interim Bankruptcy Rule 1007 and Revisions to Official Forms
  • 04/14/2006: Refund of Filing Fees


  • 10/21/2005: Noticing To Creditors in Chapter 13 Cases
  • 10/17/2005: Regarding Debtors Asserting an Exception to the Limitation of the Automatic Stay Under 11 U.S.C. §362(l) and Procedure for Receiving Rent Deposits
  • 10/12/2005: Regarding the Establishment of the National Creditor Registration Service and the Filing of a Notice of Preferred Address
  • 10/12/2005: Regarding Adequate Protection in Chapter 13 Cases


  • 06/01/2004: Expansion of Procedures in Rochester and Watkins Glen to Include Motions by Trustee to Dismiss a Case for Non-Appearance


  • 01/04/2002: Regarding the Responsibilities of Attorneys and Parties in the Event of Unexpected Court Closing or Delay in Court Proceedings


  • 11/26/2001: Regarding Revised Common Default Statement
  • 04/09/2001: Production of Documents at the 341 Meeting of Creditors


  • 07/28/1999: Regarding cameras and recording devices
  • 06/29/1999: Revision No.1 to Expanded Default Procedures in Rochester and Watkins Glen to Include Motions Indexed in Exhibit A
  • 06/09/1999: Regarding Amendments to Petitions
  • 03/16/1999: Section 362 (d) Motions that Improperly Require that Opposition be in Writing


  • 06/01/1998: Expanded Default Procedures in Rochester and Watkins Glen
  • 01/30/1998: Authorizing Use of a Signature Stamp (on Order to Employer to Pay Trustee and Order to Debtor to Pay Trustee and any amendments thereto)


STANDING ORDERS entered from 1983 - 1997 are incorporated in & superseded by the Court's Local Rules of Bankruptcy dated 1995. See the Conversion Table for a listing of Standing Orders and corresponding Local Rule(s).